The city: Valencia

Since it was founded by the Romans in A.D. 138, Valencia has amassed great riches, brought by the various cultures which have lived there (Visigoth, Muslim…). Whether exploring its historic centre, looking at its Gothic, Baroque or Modernist religious temples and civil monuments, enjoying its distinguished museums or admiring its highly emblematic projects such as the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (City of the Arts and Sciences) or the Palacio de Congresos (Convention Centre), these are just a few of the many sights which await visitors to Valencia.

Today, Valencia is one of the most important industrial centres on the Mediterranean. Similarly, it has become a renowned centre for European conferences and a major meeting point for anyone seeking to develop their business or take part in its exhibitions.

Valencia is a cosmopolitan city, the ideal place to do business and engage in cultural exchange. Valencia was chosen as the venue for the 32nd America's Cup.This international event, which took place in spring 2007, turned the city into a wonderful Mediterranean viewpoint, one which attracted many prestigious spectators.

This attractive city, lapped by Mediterranean waters, enjoys mild temperatures, truly gourmet cuisine, festivals and traditions which remain as lively as ever, plenty of culture and leisure…

Other festivals of interest

Semana Santa Marinera takes place in the districts of El Grao, El Cabanyal, El Canyamelar and La Malvarrosa. The Las Palmas, Santo Entierro and La Cabalgata de la Resurrección processions form the climax of the festivities.

Other examples of the most traditional festivals include the staging of Eucharistic plays on Sant Vicent Ferrer's Day; always celebrated on the Monday following Easter Monday, this is the finishing touch to Easter.
In the morning of the second Sunday in May, the people of Valencia flood to the Plaza de la Virgen to take part in the procession of the Mare de Déu from the Basilica to the Cathedral. In the afternoon, the affectionately-named “La Geperudeta” again processes to the altar at the Basilica.

The Corpus festivity has been celebrated in Valencia since 1355, involving hundreds of volunteers who, in the appropriate costumes, revitalise characters from the Bible. Another Cabalgata, the “Convit”, has been used to announce the festival and bring out the city's symbolism and mystery using characters such as “El Capellà de les Roques” or “La Moma”.

The Feria de Julio fills the second fortnight in July with a major event with bands playing, concluding, after days of shows and fireworks, with the “Batalla de les Flors”. This is a parade of carriages, driven by young people who exchange over a million bouquets of cut flowers with the attending public.

9th October is the Diada de la Comunitat Valenciana, a festivity which reminds us of the conquest of the Ciutat de València by the Monarch Jaume I's troops in 1238. Furthermore, traditionally in Valencia the festivity of Sant Dionis, the patron saint of lovers, is celebrated. Tradition decrees giving gifts of handkerchiefs filled with candy and marzipan sweets, sometimes sealed with a ring.

Bioparc Valencia

Bioparc Valencia is a new generation zoo that has been created based on the concept of zoo-immersion, completely immersing the visitor in the wild habitats. Bioparc Valencia is committed to animal conservation, as well as education and awareness of the need to preserve their original ecosystems.
Bioparc Valencia participates in dozens of captive breeding programs for endangered species, while offering a wide range didactics. But beyond ethics and conservation, Bioparc Valencia is a magical world that offers exciting experiences in every corner of the park and in every minute of the visit, where one can venture out and discover the wild animals and their habitats.

¡Visit Bioparc Valencia!

Mestalla Forever Tour (Valencia C.F.)

Experience Mestalla, the home of Valencia Fútbol Club and the oldest stadium in Spain, with more than 90 years of football.
Our tour guides will share passionate insights into Valencia's illustrious past, with access to areas normally reserved for players and officials. See the press room and the players' dressing room, and walk the tunnel to the roar of a capacity crowd.
  • Languages: Spanish / English
  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday, 10h to 14:30h and 15.30h to 18.30h. Sundays and holidays from 10.30h to 14.30h.
  • Duration: 1h15
  • For organizational purposes the route of the Tour and its schedule may vary. Visitors will be advised prior to accessing the stadium, we are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

City of the Arts and Sciences

The City of the Arts and Sciences: leisure complex where culture takes pride of place; this is the emblem of the Valencian community, somewhere where you can learn and have fun at the same time, go for walks and enjoy this 350,000 m2 expanse of urban parkland.

Prince Felipe Science Museum

This is the great museum of the 21st century where you can enjoy learning about everything which science and technology have done to improve Man's quality of life.


The only complex in Spain where you can enjoy three large audiovisual areas at once: a Planetarium, an IMAX Dome Cinema and the Laserium.


L'Oceanogràfic invites you to explore an authentic sealife centre which brings all of the planet's main seas and oceans together. Covering 110,000 m2 and with a volume of 42 million litres, this is Europe's largest Oceanography Centre.


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Every year, the city celebrates Las Fallas in honour of its patron saint San José; on 19th March, the streets fill with people wishing to see the giant papier mâché effigies, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the festival with their family and friends. Las Fallas effigies caricature important people, scenes from social and political life, fashions and vices, and will be devoured relentlessly by the fire's flames on the night of “La Cremà”.